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Originally Posted by mohawk View Post
I am not a nice person, and I would hesitate to offer any advice to those who do not take their time to spend at least a few hours reading reports on their interested hikes. Marcy? For crying out loud, there are hundreds of trip reports written by many hikers over the years searchable on the internet. Some of those reports have links to these forums.

I, for one, spent days reading and planning every one of my hikes. I hiked all 46 without asking a single question. The planning is the best and the most fun part of any hikes.

When someone asks, "Where to park? When to get there? Which trail to take?," that really irks me. I figure if a hiker is not willing to spend time for research, I sure won't spend my precious time replying. But if you have exhausted all of your outlets for answers, I will spend my time to offer you my best advice. It's all give and take, buddy!
Then maybe you're in the wrong place here, and would prefer one of the Facebook forums where not being nice is the norm. As Neil pointed out, you could have easily passed on by and not responded at all, instead of using your time this way.

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