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Cedar river - paddle to flow?

Hi all, heading up to ADK's the week of June 6 coming up. Looking for an easy kayak paddle to a primitive camp area. Where Cedar River rd's pavement ends, it looks like there's a small parking lot about 2/3 of a mile down the dirt road. Is it possible to park there, paddle the ~4 miles UP river to Cedar Flow?

I'm thinking of doing that, spending a night or two at a primitive site around the flow, doing some day paddles/hikes, then doing the 4 miles down river back to the car. I think the river flows North if i'm not mistaken.

I know you can drive the ~5 miles on the dirt road to the Flow itself, but my 3-series bmw does not really enjoy dirt roads in the ADK's haha.

Any other "easy kayak paddle to primitive site" suggestions for this time of year? I have a couple ADK paddle maps, but the selection is overwhelming!

many thanks!
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