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I have been seeing a lot more of this kind of awful behavior this year. I have also noticed that there seems to be a big influx of newbies into the back country. I myself have packed out a lot of other peoples trash and also made a large mound of trash at one campsite where I could not possibly carry it out. I have found quite a bit of toilet flowers even in places where there is an outhouse/thunder box. In the campsite where I had to make a garbage pile out in the woods I also cleaned up 20-30 toilet flowers many of which included other people's feces. Yeah, I cleaned it up and buries it in a pit. This is not the first time. The main reason was because it was all just barely outside of the tent site, but also because it was a beautiful spot and I intend to go back. Poo is a significant health hazard. I really think there should be a course and a license required before people can go out into the back country. Not just telling people, "Don't do this..." but educating them on why. There do this at the Boundary Waters before you can enter. People still make a mess and use soap in the water, but I imagine it helps...
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