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Originally Posted by St.Regis View Post
Sounds like your beef is more about a few rowdy guys than the motorboats. How do you know they were campers? They might have been day trippers, residents or a bachelor party of guys staying at a camp. You'll get Holligan campers even in the more remote waters from time to time. It takes away from the solitude, but it happens. I'm guessing the next time will be better for you.

All that said, Cranberry Lake isn't going motorless. There have been times that I wished I was in a Coast Guard cutter instead of a canoe. That lake can get raunchy in a hurry
Definitely not campers. Just early morning fishermen enjoying the day. Probably the most annoying event was the pontoon boat pulling a kid tubing around Black Duck Hole.

Agreed that the lake and the flow aren't going motorless. Electric motors would be nice, however!
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