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Originally Posted by Wldrns View Post
The Racquette Falls carry is a tough one, but certainly doable, even if you can't traverse it in a single trip and need to make it a double (actually a triple length) trip. There are three rocky initial slopes to negotiate before you reach height of land and can go (mostly) down again. I've seen young Boy Scouts handle it and appreciate the experience. I am not sure how hauling a raft plus 45 pounds of gear would be any easier. Plus the problem of rowing a raft in the often potential strong winds on Long Lake, which can give even race paddlers in sleek canoes problems reaching the far north end.
I usually have a 6 or 8 mile limit per day and that should be doable, even if tough, paddling a barge in strong winds. A 65 pound 16 and a half foot tandem royalex tripping canoe would probably be tougher and more awkward to carry than a packraft. Besides, it's just as much about travelling the backcountry in another way as it is for ease.
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