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Your best bet is probably to do as was suggested and invest in a lightweight canoe. I can't imagine paddling a packraft on flatwater for any distance.

I'm not sure I would go the Hornbeck route, but certain models could probably get the job done. If I was going to combine big(er) water with need for lightweight I'd probably recommend looking into a solo canoe, or a lightweight tandem. A 40lb 16' canoe will do the trip easily, and if you double portage, you'll never carry more than your pack weight.

Most any decent solo canoes less than 16' will weigh far less than 40lbs in Kevlar. Mine weighs around 32lb. It's not as easy to carry to ponds as a Hornbeck, but it's much better on bigger lakes. I consider it the best all-around compromise for ADK tripping.

Paddling a 16' tandem solo with only 45lb of ballast is not ideal, IMO. If you're not a solo tripper as it is, this is probably your best bet though. Keep an eye on the used market for any Swifts. I actually have a 40 year old Kevlar boat that is in excellent condition. If they are stored properly (out of the sun) they last a long, long time. Some of the older boats, even in Kevlar will weight more. I think my old one is around 50 lbs, but it's not hard to find one in the 45 lb range.
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