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Thanks for reading my TR!

1.The last time I was there, there was no signage at the Padanarum Spur parking area ( i.e. Park Here), but agree with what everyone says, it's pretty obvious and there is a trail sign and barricade at the start of the walk.
1a trail.jpg

2. The beaver pond is fairly extensive, but the unmarked path around it is easy to follow. It branches off to the west (left) of the main trail and winds through some flooded woods. Can't hurt to take a compass bearing just in case. If the water level goes up another foot or two, parts of the detour will be under water as well.
1g beaver dam.jpg

3. I can't speak for the trail from Lily Pond as I've never walked it.

One general comment. When you get to Island Pond, there's a really nice rock ledge on the eastern shore.
3f IP.jpg
No trail or footpath leads there. It's an easy bushwhack, but goes through some thick stuff and swampy areas (depending on which route you take).

Have fun
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