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Oh, how I miss Sero`s posts! Miss you all too. Well, its been awhile. I'm very much alive..hmmmm. But, its so great if,somehow ,we can reconnect and continue where we left doubt ,we will not run out of things to chat about.And, I only hope some or all of us ,old and new reunite! Oh, well, I thought it was worth a shot. The fly has been casted upon the forums waters…

"Get your mind off trout,if you can.I know they`ve got you.I can see it. Every fraternity of sufferers knows its brothers.Trout hook men;men don`t hook trout.Better try and throw the hook while you can.By the time you`re a grown man there probably won`t be a pure trout healthy enough to fiddle with"... Quote from Emerson in the book "The Earth Is Enough"by Harry Middleton
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