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My son and I spent 6 days in August scouting areas in the NZ and i'm hoping all the swatting deer flies and skeeters was worth it. We speed scouted swamps, saddles and many ridge tops. On our next to last day we finally found what we had not found in the previous miles covered sweating our butts off....a new set of woods with old rubs, new rubs (last years), piles of fresh and old turds, well used trails and lots of them. We are headed back Nov 1st for a week praying for snow with the rifles, wall tent, stove, and all the other goods that weigh you down. The kicker is its a 6-7 hour haul to get back in there, two ponds to paddle, one long portage from one to the other....thoughts creep in that you may possibly be crazy, but we gotta known what is tearing up all those calve sized striped maples. If you are a deer hunter that has the bug bad its all you can think about.
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