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Originally Posted by Jaybacks View Post
...A lake or rive nearby would be ideal but not essential.

How about a lake and a river?
A few options that come to mind are:
- Wilcox Lake via the East Stony Creek trail
- East Branch Sacandaga River Lean to and the Siamese Ponds
- Rock Lake & Rock River
- Pine Lake & Cedar River
- Woodhull Lake or Bear Lake and the Moose River
- T Lake & T Lake Falls
- Rock Pond Brook waterfall and Rock Pond, Lilypad Pond, or Clear Pond
- OK Slip Falls and Ross Pond, Big Bad Luck Pond, or Whortleberry Pond

...I'm sure there are other options as well, just a quick list to get you started looking at maps. Feel free to ask more questions when you narrow your search down a bit. Good luck, and welcome to Adkforum.
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