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I hunt for a good portion of my meat (deer, turkeys) and cut firewood from my property for a good portion of my heat. I value both trees and wildlife.

My great-grandfather was a farmer and a teamster. He hauled the massive pine logs that went into the original Hadlock Dam in Washington County. They were still solid nearly 80 years later when it was rebuilt.
That's great, love to hear it! I'd imagine you also get a fair deal of your sugar needs for the year from syrup?

As densely as the Adirondacks are inhabited now, people doing this for their own livelihood is probably not a long term issue. It's places where there are high densities or resources are being commercially harvested (still a fair bit of timber harvest in the park).

I could have chose to take over 100 acres of land which could easily produce enough deer and turkey for me, had plenty of good soil for personal growing, lots good of timber for wood, a couple orchards and enough sugar maples to produce more sap than I'd need but all in south-western NY. It's a tough gig, but it's doable. Probably easier there than in the Adirondacks.

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