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A number of years ago, the NYSDEC had two tree seedling nursery plantations in the state. One was located near Lowville, literally on the banks to the Black River for irrigation; the other smaller nursery was in Saratoga. I grew up very close to the one in Lowville, which was managaged by a man who lived with his large family in the large state provided house on site. I was best friends and went to school with the boys near my age in the family.

Every spring, around the time of school spring break, the DEC would hire temporary workers to harvest tree seedlings. School students, including myself would work during that week. Pull and count 50 seedlings from the tractor pre-softened soil in the long seed beds, tie them in bundles and they would be placed in cold storage for later distributiion around the state. That nursery was our 100 acre playground for most of my younger days. Then in its political wisdom, the state decided that it only needed one such capability, and thus closed the Lowville location, sending the manager and family to Saratoga.

The lowville house was converted into a regional DEC office. It sure feels wierd to visit there now.

By the way, I well remember that state minimum wage was set at $1.85/hour at the time.
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