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And just to add, both Xanax and Klonopin are commonly prescribed to people for situational anxiety. A perfect example is fear of flying. These short term anxiety meds help people relax enough to make it through that event without having a full blown panic attack. They are also very effective for panic attacks and panic disorder, although long term anxiety meds are usually prescribed as well. But because these are temporary and fast acting, they are good for this occasional emergency type use. It's really where they are ideal and have less risk of dependence. But all that needs to be evaluated based on the individual and their history.

Often times these problems are mental and seeking solutions from physicians can be a waste of time. It's worthwhile to check both but a lot of times people develop poor behavior (avoidance, anxiety, depression, guilt, etc) from not dealing with these types of problems, if they truly are a problem. Sometimes it's a fluke, but if it becomes disruptive that's when you should seek help. JMO.

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