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Originally Posted by schnervel
I have been hiking in the Adirondacks since I was a child and my parents own a home on Lake Champlain, but now I only get up there for about one week a summer.

My question is this, has anyone tried to get federal money appropriated to repair the dam? I am a lobbyist in Washington, DC and would be happy to help out on the federal front as much as I can. The one thing I would mention is that the appropriations request would need to be made sooner rather than later. As it turns out, Congressman John Sweeney, who represents at least part of the Adoirondack Park, is on the House Appropriations Committee. Please let me know if I can help! Regards,
This is most definitely an avenue we will be exploring. Our main issue right now is becoming incorporated or becoming affiliated with an organization already incorporated. We have been told, point blank, that there is no way we will be considered for grants if we do not have some legal means of accountability. Unfortunately we're on the third referral to a new york state agency for incorporation, and there's nothing guaranteeing they'll incorporate us either. The problem is what type of not-for-profit we are, no one in new york's government seems to know for sure and we keep getting passed around. Now we're being told to incporate through the education department. It would have been easier to say we were 'for-profit' than not-for-profit, but we don't expect to have the revenue to support the burden such an incorporation would entail.

What we need at this moment in time is a lawyer to file the incorporation for us. Noo\ne of us can spring even small amounts towards the $500+ fees involved with paying someone to do this. It's bad timing financially for all involved.

Please email us through the backcountry heritage or save duck hole sites so we can get in touch with you once this mess is sorted out.

More info on the status of this cause coming soon.
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