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And last but not least, my list. Feel free to double check this- I'm confident that I've visited all of the named features as per my criteria of what constitutes a named feature within the Wilderness Area, but I may have left 1 or 2 off of my written list:

Marsh Beaver Meadow Marsh
Marsh Cranberry Marsh
Marsh Desolate Swamp
Marsh Harrison Marsh
Marsh Peshette Swamp
Marsh Tubmill Marsh
Pond Alder Pond
Pond Bear Pond
Pond Berrymill Pond
Pond Bumbo Pond
Pond Burge Pond
Pond Clear Pond
Pond Coffee Pond
Pond Cotters Pond
Pond Crab Pond
Pond Crab Pond
Pond Crane Pond
Pond Devil's Washdish
Pond Eagle Lake
Pond Goose Pond
Pond Gooseneck Pond
Pond Grizzle Ocean
Pond Gull Pond
Pond Haymeadow Pond
Pond Heart Pond
Pond Honey Pond
Pond Horseshoe Pond
Pond Lilypad Pond
Pond Little Rock Pond
Pond Lost Pond
Pond Mud Pond
Pond North Pond
Pond Otter Pond
Pond Oxshoe Pond
Pond Pharaoh Lake
Pond Putnam Pond
Pond Pyramid Lake
Pond Rock Pond
Pond Spectacle Pond
Pond Springhill Ponds
Pond Whortleberry Pond
Pond Wilcox Pond
Pond Wolf Pond
Stream Desolate Brook
Stream Haymeadow Brook
Stream Mill Brook
Stream Pharaoh Lake Brook
Stream Putnam Creek
Stream Rock Pond Brook
Stream Shanty Bottom Brook
Stream Spectacle Brook
Stream Spuytenduivel Brook
Stream Sucker Brook
Stream Wilcox Brook
Summit Abes Hill
Summit Antwine Hill
Summit Barton Mountain
Summit Bear Pond Mountain
Summit Beaver Meadow Hill
Summit Big Clear Pond Mountain
Summit Blue Hill
Summit Brace Hill
Summit Burnt Hill
Summit Burnt Ridge
Summit Carey Hill
Summit Desolate Hill
Summit Ellis Mountain
Summit Fernette Mountain
Summit Franks Hill
Summit Goose Pond Hill
Summit Grizzle Ocean Mountain
Summit Leland Hill
Summit Little Clear Pond Mountain
Summit Little Stevens
Summit Meadow Hill
Summit Number 6 Hill
Summit Number 7 Hill
Summit Number 8 Hill
Summit Number 8 Mountain
Summit Old Fort Mountain
Summit Orange Hill
Summit Park Mountain
Summit Peaked Hill
Summit Pharaoh Mountain
Summit Pine Hill
Summit Pine Hill
Summit Pine Hill
Summit Plank Bridge Hill
Summit Potter Mountain
Summit Quackenbush Hill
Summit Ragged Mountain
Summit Second Brother
Summit Sharps Ridge
Summit Smith and Leland Hill
Summit Spectacle Pond Hill
Summit Stevens Mountain
Summit Sucker Hole Hill
Summit The Dam Hill
Summit Third Brother
Summit Thunderbolt Mountain
Summit Treadway Mountain

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