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Originally Posted by yellowcanoe View Post
You can get yourself in a bit of hotwater by abuse of the customer satisfaction guarantee. There have been prosecutions.
I have a hard time believing that LL Bean has prosecuted a customer for something like this.

ANYTIME. This is a completely subjective guarantee. Whatever one's view of satisfaction is, LL Bean will back it up when it comes to their products, at ANYTIME. Now I wouldn't most items that was more than a decade old, but how one takes this guarantee is completely relative. I wouldn't think one way or another of someone depending on how they used this guarantee.

When my father was in the Navy way back in the 70s, he bought top of the line Bose speakers and stereo equipment. About 6 or 7 years ago or so they just stopped working. All of his other stereo equipment in this set up still worked fine. He called Bose, not for a replacement, but to see if they made those speakers anymore. Well they did not, but they did inform him that a top of the line, similar set of speakers was on their way to his house. Do you think he's ever bought anything besides Bose? Definitely not after that experience.

Especially today in a world where you can hardly call a customer service rep without speaking to someone who speaks English as a 3rd language, a reputable customer service and guarantee go a very long way with some people such as myself. Just like being made in the USA or being made in a natural, sustainable way.
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