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Originally Posted by Mavs00 View Post
As such, your membership here, does not give you permission to copy any photograph seen on this site to your own computer,
Might want to re-word this part- in order for a person to view online content (including photos), it must first be downloaded to that user's computer. Every photo that users look at is saved to the users computer- at least temporarily.


Originally Posted by Mavs00 View Post
  1. Any material posted that was "taken" from another source, and then placed on a third-party server before being posted "in-line" on this site. (do not save a picture to your server, then post it here).
It's standard procedure on the internet to upload another persons images to your own server before sharing them. (I'm referring to "public domain" images here). Including "inline" images where the image is hosted on a server that you do not control (or pay for the bandwidth of) is considered a huge breach of internet etiquette. Might want to clarify this a bit as well.
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