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Originally Posted by Lucky13 View Post
With the limit down to 5, with no more than 2 > 12" in many places, there is no reason to feel guilty about taking what is legally allowed!

I have been a fly fisher in the flatlands for over 50 years, and have practiced C+R religiously for trout on some streams that get a lot of pressure, and for better than 17 years on Steelhead. It took quite a while for me to break the wabbler and worm habit in the ponds, and start running flies, but it has made C+R a lot more doable, as even wabbler and worm fish often inhale the hook and end up in the creel. And I still fish bait from shore while I am taking the every hour or so break to let circulation return to my aging legs, or to escape the inevitable sun that appears over any pond we haul boats to, about the time we get there (), sometimes worms and sometimes ice jigs tipped with waxworms so the fish will be less likely to swallow the hook. So my harvest rules are pretty straight forward, if I can let it go with a good chance of survival, (lip hooked) it goes back, but if it has swallowed the bait, it goes in the cooler. The loons and snappers can find their own supper, I'm not leaving a brook trout motor boating around the surface because it ingested the hook into the stomach or gills and did not recover when I cut the line." I have actually sat and watched the sky for as much as four hours while my friend continued to fish, because I retained my limit quickly and do not believe in continuing to fish C+R once I have my limit, because I fear I'll kill one that I can't legally keep. Beer is nice on those days!

The Article dealt with specific lakes in Maine where manipulation of species was done. I can't think of a pond I have ever seen in the Mountains of NY where there was an overpopulation of stunted brook trout, or a problem that would be worsened by C+R. If you know of one and want help returning it to balance, I have a nice cast iron skillet, and cracker crumbs always at the ready in the truck!
This says it all. Couldn’t say it better myself.
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