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Yeah, the planned changes are due out sometime next year. The public comment period for the changes was the same as the public comment period (last year) for the High Peaks UMP Amendment- the regulatory changes were proposed as part of that amendment.

As pointed out the changes are two fold:
  • Instead of going with a general definition of what constitutes a "bear canister," the new regs will refer to a list promulgated by the department of approved brands and models. I.e., the BearVault brand canisters will no longer be legal to use.
  • The bear canister requirement will be expanded to the Outer High Peaks- which comprises the former Dix Mountain Wilderness as well as the former Western High Peaks.
Of note is that (under the proposed regulation) the bear canister requirement will not be expanded to cover the Adirondack Canoe Route- which includes the NPT lean-tos and tent sites on the shore of Long Lake. In other words, NPT thru-hikers (at least northbound ones) won't legally need to fit everything into their bear canisters until they leave Plumleys and arrive at the Cold River at Shattuck Clearing. This does give some "wiggle room" in regards to canister usage as for most thru-hikers, only 2-3 nights worth of food (at most) will need to fit in the canister.
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