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Well, it’s not to hard to figure out I’m a old fly in guy pushing 73, and where I have settled in. My fire technique is to dig a hole deep enough to hit sand or mineral soil usually around 2 ft or so. I then cut out the visible roots then start a small fire in the hole to burn out what I can, then I poor water in the hole to put out the fire and burning roots, then find a uprooted tree and fill the hole to the top with sand. Then putting the stone ring within the filled hole. Not sure this is legal but it has worked for decades, and I have never been in trouble and the fire always extinguishes easily and always stays on the surface, no burn holes. Yea, it’s lots of work but my excursions are usually a week or more, and once established it always there. When I was able to backpack and bushwack I always carried a e-tool, yup heavy but still worth it’s weight in gold out there. I’ll be up there around the last week in October for about a week, anyone is always welcome for a visit in my camp, I have beer. �� and no darn music.....!
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