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Originally Posted by TBone13 View Post
Hi All,
A small group of us are looking to bust out the canoes in mid November for some camping/fishing/getting away/etc. for a couple of nights.This is our first time out to the Whitney Wilderness area so any tips and opinions are greatly appreciated.
The goal would be to stay on Little Tupper but depending on the wind and weather conditions, we may go to Round Lake as a back up if the waters are too choppy. I know how unpredictable the weather can be in this area but we will be using a canvas tent with a little stove.
Any tips for bass fishing in those colder temperatures? (I know the trout are catch and release only).
Anyone go that time of year, experiences?
Thanks in advance!
You may be "busting" out lake ice as well. Here is a mid November Indian Lake trip with canvas tent (no fishing but a hunting trip):
My YouTube channel
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