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Originally Posted by dundee View Post
This is incredibly stupid! If there is going to be a bear problem in the WHP it will be at one of the Long Lake lean-to, not at Ouluska Pass or Cold River 1&2. And virtually no one goes to the LTs on the horse trail. Is anyone at DEC thinking?
"Is anyone at DEC thinking?" Simple answer: No.

They are scrambling with inadequate resources to follow orders from above. I know from conversations that these orders are not allowed to be questioned. So wherever in the higher bureaucracy that these orders are coming from, you've got people that don't know sh** and never set foot in the woods passing dictates that the poor bastards at the work level have to try to follow and promulgate.

I took my dog up Dix mountain the other day. Nice hike. Took an hour to find the "dog rules" for Dix on the messed up DEC site. all sorts of obsolete pages that contradicted each other. No time to fix it - busy spraying out new rules.
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