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Originally Posted by Schultzz View Post
Quite possible. You sound like a person of experience! But hangover or not I would go back to clean it up when I felt better. That's the difference between being a hero and being a zero. They don't think the way we do. I wonder why?
No, not really. I donít generally drink much, especially when camping. Like to keep my wits about me. Maybe a nip of something on a cold night, but thatís about it. Iím just judging by the mounds of empty cans of crappy beer I see and have packed out on occasion, and the parties Iíve heard while camping. Why is it always crappy beer? Iíve noticed over the years that I never seem to see left behind cans of a really good IPA, for instance. Itís always Coors Lite or something similar. There are people who go to the woods to enjoy the solitude and peace. And then there are people who go to the woods because Itís a place to party with less chance of repercussions for bad behavior. Different priorities, I guess.
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