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Not sure where you are in Michigan, but closest to the Detroit area, and worth driving to, would be Holiday Valley or Bristol.

Holiday Valley has less vertical, but has more acreage. Bristol has more vert, but less acreage. I believe both would be bigger than anything in Michigan. Bristol I'm sure is because they tout being the biggest from the Adirondacks to the Rockies.

Both being on the Allegany Plateau, they have similar attributes. Bristol doesn't have any tree skiing, but depending on the weather, that might not be an issue.

From Detroit it's probably around 6 hours to either.

There are a couple other small places in Western NY, but probably not really worth the trip. If you are out for a week and want to ski multiple places, then you might try Swain, Greek Peak, or maybe even Hunt Hollow if you are there on a Wed to Fri and the weather is decent. Hunt Hollow has a couple of the steepest, and narrowest runs of any of those places.
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