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I would not use permethrin in such a manner
some states require a license to apply Permethrin as such
lower grade permethrin for clothing has its own handling requirements
if you hunt I would not harvest any animals in an area treated with permethrin
if you have kids I wouldn't want permethrin any where near the kids
US military has guidelines for permethrin treated clothes including not recommending pregnant and women who intend on getting pregnant to wear treat clothing
used correctly on clothing it can be relatively safe, but spraying a wooded area with it is asking for trouble

looking at tick tubes online, product targets mice to spread the permethrin
don't know how effective it would be thrown about randomly in a wooded area
if it was cheaper, would say go ahead and try it,
but for the price? your call

factors in tick growth are availability of hosts to feed on, ground cover to get on hosts,
winter weather which determines survival rate of larvae over winter
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