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Originally Posted by tuccarammahacking View Post
Hey Mike, I thought the red boat was the nicest until seeing this one. Most excellent work! Is that white or some kind of really light dove grey? The inside is not painted? Do you have your new boat building shop all set up?
Thanks, Mr mahacking,
I'm trying to remember...I think the color is Oyster White, a Rustoleum marine finish, very reasonably priced. I painted the outside only, inside is still all black, it has a single coat of UV resistant varnish to protect the epoxy.
I really should go back and repaint the hull, especially at the sheer line, it's kinda sloppy, and maybe I should add some black paint to the gunnels to cover up my sloppy white paint application. It's on the list.

The detached garage is still a hodgepodge of uses...rebuilt a wrecked CR-V last month or so, had the front cap of a wrecked 40 ft motorhome in there for glassing repairs, did the clutch in my 1977 CJ5, siding brake is taking up too much room...eventually it will become an intermittent boat shop.

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