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Ski into County Line Lake (Pinnacle Rd TH) 1/6/2021

Amazingly good conditions given the thaw 2 weeks ago. Solid 6” base with fresh 2” powder. The blue marked DEC trail to the lake is an old road with only minor stream crossings which though open water, we easily crossed with minimal detours. We skiied out on the lake for 20 yards and pole probing showed pretty firm ice under 5” snow but another week of cold will remove any safety doubts. The only real climb is the 1/3 mile over the shoulder of Pigeon Mt on the last mile in. Ski out was 2/3 of the way in and the downhills are more manageable given the wide and open edges of the trail. We’ll be back once all water freezes solid as we plan to add a ski bushwhack to Fisher Vly.

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