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Sounds like a good hike!

You didn't have to worry about parking in that area; the state has not yet created a problem there. They plan to destroy that parking in the next couple years, so it's good you got to it before that.

Yes, that trail should get some maintenance. Nothing really difficult, but a few of the rocky areas have developed "go around" trails, so perhaps the original routes could be improved a bit to reduce that. The biggest rocky area was the result of a landslide quite a while ago (maybe 20 years ago), and the trail was never repaired after that so hikers just sort of created their own ways. Unfortunately, none of that maintenance is going to happen, because the state plans to destroy the trail you hiked, and replace it with a much longer route. This will entail a great deal more work than would be required to simply fix the existing trail, and it will also greatly lengthen the trip to the popular balanced rocks destination, which will spoil it as a good trip for kids, and for people looking for a shorter but scenic hike.

Glad you got to enjoy Pitchoff while it's still nice! If you have the opportunity to get two vehicles here, try to do the through hike. Further east from the main summit along the ridge are several lower summits with spectacular views, some looking north and some looking south. The through trip is very worthwhile.
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