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Mr Jake,
What is it about Lake George that makes you want to paddle/camp there?
Is it the convenience of a reserved site?
Availability of on water rental?
The allure of island camping?
The spectacular mountain scenery?

I've only been on Lake George a few times...
Crewing on some J24's--boat owner took the racing waaaay too seriously, wind is fickle there
On my buddy's 1950 something ChrisCraft--we were rammed by an unobservant drunken speed boat
Paddling my solo canoe with MDB down from Northwest Bay--it got extremely rough as we neared Montcalm Point.

I think what some members here are saying indirectly is that there are far better suited destinations for paddling/camping than Lake George. Many have the same attraction and convenience in relation to my questions above.
Myself, I'll say it directly, (remember, I'm a very biased guy, no apologies):
There are far better (read safer) destinations that you could enjoy just as much or more.
Just ask...
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