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Originally Posted by Woodly View Post
Kenetrek also makes a fine boot.
If a Pac boot is acceptable-Kamik makes a 'Nation Wide' and a similar model, I think its Nation Pro, that are warm, dry and lighter than other pac boots. I own the one...and along with a pair of Russian hand made wool insulated boots are my go to snowshoeing boot but the latter aren't for hiking, too slippery, just snowshoeing.
LL Bean has both faux fur lined and insulated light pac boots but owning both I think the -f temperature rating is off but friends in Maine love them.
I wore many insulated logger boots and still do and climbed and hiked all over the Dacks while living there for over a decade.
Not very cold today of course but it was wet and I wore my Kamiks and find them so light and comfortable.
I noticed today, Tractor Supply has boots on sale CHEAP, including some 800 gram waterproof camo boots for something like $40.00. [Edge Brand and others]
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