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Originally Posted by Pmo View Post
Man, is Eagle Mountain still there?? I grew up in Fonda. As a teen we used to come for "Men's Night" every so often - I think the lift tickets were like $3.00 unless my memory fails me?!
I usually go to this thread for the fishing but wandered over here. I also noticed some people talking about Oak and Royal - also very familiar places. Anyone remember Shoemaker? Little mountain in Little Falls, just off the 90. Learned to ski there growing up, I make the drive from Rochester to Albany frequently and every time I drive by I have to look and take in the nostalgia. It's been closed for years now, but I often think someday I'll "sneak hike" to the top with by board in the winter time and get one last run :-)

Eagle is looooong gone, I can barely make out the trail outlines as I drive by on the Thruway or even 5S...
Eagle Mountain was the first place I ever skied, and MDB and I used to live about a mile farther up the hill on Muselbeck Rd.
I remember my buddy's GF complaining about how small it was there, but at the time I was thinking "what more could anyone ever want?" They owned 600 vertical feet, but never installed the used chairlift that would go beyond their 300 vertical set of trails.

I skinned and skied Shoemaker about ten years ago...pretty sure it's a private residence now.

And if you're fond of those, how about the best of NYS skiing...Hickory? No snowmaking, all natural steep terrain, almost no grooming.
That was my all time favorite ski area for many years. A group of us skinned and skied it 6 or 7 years ago with 3 ft of powder, the skiing was great, but for me it was bittersweet. Every rock, ledge, corner held memories of my youth and teaching my kids and my nephews and nieces to ski. When the snow was good, there was no place better!!
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