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Interesting ski. A bit heavier, even in a 176.

I have wax skis, and I don't use them as much TBH. These climb really well - surprisingly well. I prefer not to use skins, if I can avoid it.

When the snow is right, I do really like my Asnes Ingstads.

I really haven't used the skins or the skin attachment. The edges were way too sharp and grabby at first, but much better now. They are a decent, all-around BC XC ski. They do tour really nice. They have a certain smoothness to the camber that most other skis don't have. It translates into a really good kick and glide. I wouldn't really ski them on anything too steep though - unless it's really wide open and not too firm.

Just a comparison, those skis weigh a 1 lb more per pair than the Objectives... and those are light skis (for a 200cm).
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