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Dangers of Biking

Originally Posted by EagleCrag View Post
I'm not a cyclist but do have a few comments. In anything we do, there is an element of risk. If you let that risk (within reason) limit your activities, you are going to have a boring life, so enjoy. It also strikes me that anyone that got hit by a care while cycling in the Adirondacks might not be here to comment. :-) I have a nephew that cycled from Albany to Tupper Lake once. He was concerned about the southern end of his journey where there was much more traffic. His trip went well until someone hit him in the parking lot of Save-A-Lot in Tupper Lake. He was not injured but his bike was damaged. I mention this only to show that accidents can happen anywhere. As a parent I would not want to prevent my child from experiencing an adventure such as the one you propose, but all parents are different. In regards to those who think they need to "own" their share of the road, there are two sides to that story. I have no beef with cyclists that are riding single file on the right. It is not unusual in the Dacks to run across riders that are two or even 3 abreast at times and that, IMO, is a different story. Last summer I was traveling north on route 30 when there was a cycling event with hundreds of cyclists traveling from the Rt 8 intersection north, at least as far as Indian Lake. Where they went from there I don't know. As it was a big event, I did slow down and was cautious--the number of riders was amazing. I counted over 300 after I had passed a whole lot of them. Some of these folks were riding not two or 3 but even 4 abreast all the way across the northbound lane. Most would resume single file when they heard my approach, but some did not even after I sounded my horn to warn of my approach. It isn't always safe on Adirondack highways to enter the left lane across a double yellow line to pass cyclists, depending upon how far ahead the car can see, yet I felt that was what the cyclists expected me to do. I'd be interested to hear what cyclists expect of vehicle traffic and what they think thier rights or ownership of the highway means.
Interesting, thanks for the feedback. I'm surprised that you saw 3 or 4 cyclists riding next to each other, I have never seen that before.

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