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My name is Tray, and I have a pretty interesting story.......

I am 17 (18 in one month), and have been interested in the wilderness, and outdoor sports for about two years now.

I grew up as a city boy in North Carolina, and hated any aspect of the outdoors. As I reached my pre-teen and early teen years, I got heavily involved in drinking and/or drugs, so my father sent me away to a wilderness program in hopes of straightening me out.

It didn't really work, but it got me interested in the outdoors, and taught me a great ammount about myself and the wilderness.

I got in quite a bit more trouble, and was sent to a boarding school for "at-risk" boys. I steadily grew there, and became a staff member in some respect. I took that position and pressured the school to make a wilderness program within it's regular program, and eventually was successful. I ran that for about three months and then came home for good.

I have had one mishap a few months ago (thanks Kevin), but other than that I am doing great, and have gotten more and more interested in hiking and other outdoor sports. Hopefully I can get out a little more when I get a car.

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