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Originally Posted by Woodly View Post
Mudrat-you know I'm liking all that and a big CONGRATULATIONS to you and your friends. Pretty awesome stuff you folks have done.
Question-in the first pic of the Impaler, across the valley is seen a massive crack/gully. Is it named, have you climbed that?
Thanks, Woodly. This has been really therapeutic this summer and some of these have been things we've been trying to get on for years. The dry weather has really helped.

That gully divides the Panther Den and Feline Wall. I have a line that basically goes up the edge of it called Promised Land. We rapped down the gully afterward. In the winter it's a decent I climb. My friend Matt climbed it several years ago, and because I wasn't available named it "Sorry Kevin." LOL. Anyway it's overhung at the top and more chossy/low angle below. It's an interesting feature all the way around.
May you always be a student of the journey. God Bless.
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