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Man of the Woods - Herbert F Keith
Amazing history on the Oswegatchie river and the town of Wanakena in the early 20th century.
Adventures in the Wilderness - W.H.H Murray
This book is credited with driving a tourism boom in the Adk’s in the late 1800’s.
Adirondack Takes - W.H.H Murray
More tales from exploration of the 1800’s wilderness.
The Adirondacks: Fulton Chain — Big Moose Region - Joseph H Grady
Localized, detailed history of the region referenced in the title.
Woodswoman and Beyond Black Bear Lake - Anne LaBastille
About a young female ecologist journey with building a home deep in the ADK away from civilization.
An Adirondack Passage - Christine Jerome
A more recent book where the author follows famed ADK paddler/explorer George W. Sears (aka nessmuk)’s famed “Old forge to Paul Smiths” paddle route.
The life and Adventures of Nat Foster - A.L Byron Curtis
Biographical history about famed hunter/trapper Nat Foster
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