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A recently released book looking at the creation of the APA (love it or hate it), is titled A Wild Idea by Brad Edmondson. Together with the Adirondack Museum, there will be a documentary on PBS in the fall as well. The book is currently available for 30% off the cover price through the website. There are lots of interviews at the website with the author and people he interviewed that became the material for the book.

I just finished An American Tragedy by Theodore Dreiser. It was tough to stick with it, but all the regional connections helped me persevere. It was written in the 1920's based on actual events of 1906 and really raised some eyebrows at the time. All the descriptions of getting around upstate NY via trolley and trains is agonizing from my perspective as someone who abhors the resources we put into roads for personal vehicles. That's the American tragedy in my view.
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