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How can I find designated primitive camp sites?

Hello all, I'm new to NYS and to this forum. I've been doing some kayaking in the lower ADKs and would love to plan some primitive camping (mostly paddle-in camping, but I'll take what I can get). I'm looking for good resources that reliably identify the designated primitive camping sites. I bought the Adirondack Paddler's Map (North and South), which have the right idea (marking the known campsites with red "+" marks). The North and South maps cover a lot of ground, but of course they only cover certain areas. I found the DECinfo Locator website, which I'm gradually learning to use (lol). Is there another resource you think is superior, maybe a website or an app, that shows all/most/more of the designated camp sites? It'd be great to look at a map as I plan my route and see where I can expect to find designated campsite, even though I realize they will largely be on a first come basis. I guess I thought that with social media, crowd sourcing, GPS, etc, perhaps there is an app or website where users have marked all the campsites.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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