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There really is no single, good, 100% accurate source of information for this. You've found two good sources of info- the Paddler's Map(s) and the DECInfo site, but the reality is that neither of these are fully accurate. The Paddler's Maps are usually pretty good but I've noticed a few sites over the years shown on the Paddler's Maps that have either been closed or were never designated to begin with (and are technically illegal as the sites are within 150 feet of trail, water, or road).

And the DECInfo site is missing a surprising number of designated sites. I'd suggest that across the full Adirondack Park, the number of sites missing from the "official" database is easily in the hundreds. It is particularly telling that not a single site is shown at Marcy Dam, which has probably the highest concentration of designated sites out of any location across the entire park. Furthermore, the DECInfo site shows 5 lean-tos at Marcy Dam... there's only 3 there currently. And a good number of the sites at Lake Colden and Flowed Lands are also missing. And not a single designated site along Long Lake is shown either, yet there's easily 20+ sites or so on that body of water. And the DECInfo site shows 2 lean-tos on the Boquet River in the Dix Range area... there's only 1 lean-to there. And some of the sites shown on the DECInfo page just plain don't exist- they may have been established sites once, but have grown in and reforested due to lack of use (there's a number of sites on the Oswegatchie River that fit this category). And so on. To be blunt... in the context that this is supposed to be an "official" source of information, the quality of the DECInfo material is severely lacking.

Another High Peaks-centric source of information on designated tent sites is the Adirondack Mountain Club's High Peaks Map. This is a pretty a solid source of information but unfortunately it only covers the High Peaks Region, which is a pretty small part of the park overall.

Apart from the above sources, your options are pretty much limited to soliciting information on message boards such as this one, and getting out there and finding sites yourself. With regards to the former option, there's a few folks on this board in particular with an extensive resume of past hiking and paddling trips, and there's probably someone here who can help you get squared away for a trip in just about any part of the park.

It's definitely kind of frustrating but you learn to deal with it. And a willingness to implement the 150 foot rule to find your own spot (where allowed, most but not all of the ADKs permit it) gives you options in the event that you can't find a designated site to suit your needs.
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