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Suggestion: Don't plan too much. Have the map (paddler's map) and be flexible. Of hundreds of nights of doing this, I've never not found a place to camp.

It used to be NONE of this stuff was marked on maps (except some of the old Unit Management Plans - but good luck getting ahold of one of those pre-internet). None of my old ADK maps had campsites. Some had Lean To locations, but I always carried a tent and never relied on staying at a Lean To. It was kind of crazy compared with how it is now (there's a LOT more available information) but it also led to me, and a lot of other individuals using illegal campsites - usually those not conforming to the 150' rule.

Given the amount of info post-internet era I've never had to use an illegal site, and I don't condone doing so now. Plan, but don't over plan and if it's a popular area, I bet you'll be able to find a legal 150' site in general vicinity of where you want to be, and one that's been established if it's an area that sees overflow camping - usually near Lean Tos.

Also it seems that people have forsaken the "when in doubt, scout it out" rule. Before I got serious into canoe camping, I did a lot of day paddling and scouted out areas. Part of this was getting comfortable with canoe tripping, but also learning the areas somewhat - some stuff is pretty remote so you won't see it on a day trip, but your experience will help when you finally get there.

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