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Thanks for the replies. I suspected there was a lot of missing information. I bought that Phil Brown book with 65 ADK paddles (forget the name of it) and immediately noticed a lot of its seemingly well-documented information did not match other sources. I'm guessing that the book is more accurate than the DEC maps. The book is also tied to several national geographic maps, I think called Trails Illustrated or something similar, but they're a bit pricey and I have no idea if they're any more accurate than the Paddler's maps or the DEC.

It does seem sort of surprising that the DEC doesn't have more accurate information published, seeing as they presumably are the ones responsible for all these camp sites. I might have to do the "150' make your own site", but being new to the area and all that goes with it, I thought starting at designated sites would help me get acclimated without getting myself into trouble.

I did think of another resource I found. There are maps on Andy Arthur dot org, not sure how reliable they are but I suppose I can cross reference them with the other resources.
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