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i have only ascended macnaughton from its west last summer, and so cannot compare it to from the other directions, but i would do it that way again if i had the opportunity. everything i hear or see about from its northeast is terms like swampy and eroded and miserable. but the trail from upper works around henderson lake to preston ponds/hunter pond area and then ascent to macnaughton's summit ridge was nothing like that for me, if you enjoy solitude you will love not seeing anyone on that stretch and feeling "out there", and from past hunter pond up the brook to macnaughton was an amazing brook-whack ascent up towards the ridge, with a very tight bushwhack up towards the top (sounds like you will get this from most any direction though). From that side it was not swampy at all, and the marked trail down low not nearly eroded as most other peak trails.
if you feel you need a herdpath for assistance, and are not extremely comfortable with bushwhacking and navigation by map and compass, i can not recommend from its west, as at the start of the brookwhack by the designated site there started a herdpath, but it seemed to quickly dissolve, and while that brook is a terrific handrail for navigation the majority of that route you will not find any signs of past human travel (although if i remember right i think i removed some marking ribbons occasionally found on tree branches along the way up the day i was there).

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