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I have a great story very long and it involves secret fishing spots so I'm gonna have to keep it a secret 😄. I can tell you this all incounters were at 2 different lakes maybe 13miles apart by plane 60min by car and 1825 foot in elevation.
Seen something walking at a good clip in 40 to 50" of snow effortlessly. We had a tuff time In snow shoes. We were driving home frome ice fishing deep down dirt road. 15 inches on the road on the way out when we saw huge figure walking in the woods no cars or people for 40 miles. Buddy couldn't stop because his wife was pissed home with the kids. She eventually left him. Then another time fishing alon with my dog I would hear a loud single nock every so often from different areas on the mountain sides. I was kinda freaked out. UT wasn't leaving till dark. Just before I was packing up my tipups I heard something screaming insane like getting something getting killed and it was the way I had to go on the way out. I hiked in a mile or so to ice fish here. So I eventually had to cross the lake and hit the trail back to my truck with my dog. Akita. And halfway down the trail was massive amounts of blood for about 30 foot . I wouldn't let my dog stiff anything and shook like a leaf all the way to the truck threw the ice sled with 125 # of gear in like nothing turned the key and floored it. The next summer we went fishing in the boat and there is a rod and gun club having a benefit lunch at the boat launch and as we are launching the boat they said if we want we can join them. We brought or own food and beer 🍺 and I wanted to get fishing 3 hour drive from my house and making just a day trip because the fish ing was good. We bought some cookies and brownies to be nice and a woman from the club said that thre has been several sasquatch sightings that summer. Crazy
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