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St. Regis beat me to it...

There are a few different hickories native to NY. It looks like out in that area you'd have at least Bitternut and Shag Bark, both of which look very different.

Again from what I can gather it seems like LG area up the west side of Champlain retains some of that Appalachian Oak-Hickory forest type.

NY is pretty much a crossroads for a lot of different forests though - in the west, near the lake we have some essence of midwestern forests, our south/central is a mostly a mix of northern hardwoods and Appalachian, and it the coldest, wettest parts i.e. Tug Hill and western ADK we get the hemi-boreal type. And of course all the other small, unique pockets like high elevation sub-Alpine and pine bush, etc...
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