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Originally Posted by MrKawfey View Post
I suppose I'd like to ask about food. Generally, I don't throw food in the fire, but there's always an occasional spill from a pot or a dropped piece that gets tossed in. If food items are "completely" burned, wouldn't you just be left with carbon? What's so different between a stick and a stick of celery, for example?

Obviously unburned food left behind is an issue, but are there some foods that are harmful even in a completely burned state?

I'm curious to know, depending on the answer it would be pretty easy to switch jobs and just let my wife do the cooking, then everything would be completely burned for sure.
I can think of a few potential issues with burning food. For one, throwing food into the fire can cause the scent of the food to spread over a much wider area as it burns, which carries with it the potential for attracting wildlife to the site.

The second issue is that a lot of people who burn food fail to ensure that it is fully consumed by the fire, so once the site is vacated, you've got food scraps left behind in the fire pit. Again, this can lead to problems with negative human-wildlife encounters.

It's also worth nothing that the DEC regulations are pretty clear that only dead and downed wood may be burned. It is a violation to burn any garbage, even paper.
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