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Originally Posted by bluequill View Post
Limmer does have quite a backlog for custom boots however, they sell stock boots made at the shop and available for in person purchase.
In past dedades, Limmer was well known for custom made boots ($$$) for difficult to size feet, albeit with a very long watiting period. Then they started disttributing standard siizes via localized vendors. I bought my first pair from the Mountainteer in Keene off the shelf. They fit comfortably perfectly and lasted for thousands of miles, and never leaked a drop. After a while they ralized that random vendors did not have the traiing to properly sellor size the product. Then I visited the shop while on a trip through New England with my wife, looking for another pair. My size was not in stock at the shop so it had to be ordered from Germany. My wife walked away with two different pair of different types that day and mine arrived a couple of weeks later in the mail. She was wearing hers today in the cold rain while working as an official at a canoe race.
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