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Our Normandy tour guide took us to a small village a couple of miles inland from the landing beaches, really just a collection of stone houses with a central church, Angoville-au-Plain. There was a cemetery and memorial plot outside dedicated to two US medics (Bob Wright and Ken Moore) who trained together at Taccoa, GA, but did not know each other before taking up refuge in the church on D-Day after parachuting in early that morning. Each had only a day or two of medical training.

The church was fired upon by both sides several times. The bullet holes are still visible in the outside wall, and inside on the wall opposite a row of high wall windows. The medics set up a triage station within the church. At one point they said that a tank was obviously set to fire upon the church, but then backed away for some reason. Both sides came to know that the medics were caring for soldiers on both sides of the battle and later let it be alone.

The original wood church pews still showed blood stains. Our guide pointed out that this one had a head wound, and the next one had a chest wound. A bloody Leg was missing from the next. Even the altar still had blood stains on it from where the wounded were placed. We could see a patch in the ceiling where a mortar round came through the roof, and a matching patch on the floor. The round did not explode for some reason. Our guide told us that the medics only lost one little girl wounded that day, due to lack of available blood plasma. At the end of the tour our guide pointed out two original statues placed there long ago in the now newly replaced stained glass windows. The replaced stained glass now bears the images of American paratroopers and an eagle landing in Normandy in a holy setting. These icons were long ago established as the patron saints of this particular church. This church was clearly blessed and had originally been known as the church of the patron saints of "healers". How weird and spooky.

Everyone who can should take these tours.
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