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Originally Posted by redhawk View Post
I chose the "combination of the above" option.

It can't really be answered any other way can it? Except with the "replace" option.

I can repair my clothing items, tent, sleeping bag, and many other things, sometimes permanently sometimes temporarily.

I might be able to repair a stove if I can get parts from a manufacturer, but I can't repair a gps or a locator beacon or a camera.

So, it's situational.

Very good point. I actually was just thinking about that now. I should have left that last one out, because it does really depend. I was looking for an overview, such as what do you USUALLY do.... Some people I know as soon as it breaks they discard it and purchase a new one, they don't even try to repair it. Others will keep their pack for as long as possible, making 5, 10, 20 repairs.

Maybe we could pretend the last option doesn't exist, and just treat it as a multi-answer poll?
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