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John H Swanson
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My favorite repairs are made with dental floss. I've sewn a pack strap back on to the pack (not mine) on the summit of Saddleback Mtn (ME) when it was 5F and 25mph. The secret is to pre-thread the needle so you can sew in mittens. The owner told me it was still holding when I met him again after 6 months. It was a temporary repair with on 8 stitches and 3 end knots with the tail singed with a lighter - the hard part.

I have also sewn pants while being worn by the hiker. One was a split leg seam from hip to ankle while bushwhacking (on Macomber). The other was a a broken full length side zip on a Pilot Range (NH) hike in wet sloppy winter conditions. The owner was SOL. I knew it had to hold. Hip to ankle with wide stitches and then countless knots (I think 5 or 6) The guy called be from home after the hike to tell me he couldn't get his pants off!

When I was really bushwhacking alot I could get only 3 hikes out of a pair of canvas gloves. Floss wouldn't help as the fabric was just completely gone. Winter nylon over mitts would need repair after 2 seasons, but I could get an extra season if I sewed them with floss. I also saw a benefit to using shoo goo 2 on abrasions.

The most prowd field repair was a replacement of the pivot pin in a pot gripper. It ovaled out the hole. probably because my pasta dinner was too heavy. I drilled out the hole with my SAK and replaced the pin with an extra clevis pin. That was 25 yrs ago. Still have and use it today.

I don't like duct tape. I think it is over rated. The only really good use IMO is for torn down filled items. I dont carry it.
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