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Originally Posted by redhawk View Post
Thats odd.

I was taught UTM in the service in the 60's. We also used kilometers (Klicks) instead of miles.

Far as having a UPS. Today i wouldn't leave home without one, especially in places like the Adirondacks where the density and the canopy make being able to triangulate position by using landmarks is next to impossible.

I still wnat my map and compass, but the compass is primarily a secondary and back up instrument.

All USGS Topos have the UTM Grids as well as the majority of other maps. I even prefer the 1/25000 (metric) topos over the 1/24000 scale.

Funny, I prefer distance in meters but still prefer feet for height.
same here. not sure if MGRS is the same as UTM... i think so. similar system at least. numbers might be different. never could see the logic behind lat/long for land navigation.

i use a compass mostly to stay roughly oriented and it's usually just a fisheye (though i carry a larger one too.) most times i'm not on brand new territory. i try to sort of memorize the map anyway, and work more by terrain association. compass just acts to keep me straight.

if i carry a GPS, it's usually in a brand new area and i mostly mark my vehicle, so i can find my way back to it. i also mark potential deer stand or camping sites too. i don't load the maps to navigate by. i like paper maps and use the GPS to find a grid.

being trained by the military causes some habits to die hard... meters for distance, feet for elevation, like hawk said. i prefer the military maps epecially for their printed grid and scale (1:50k). don't have to look on the edge. it's right there in front of you. can't always get them though. but it's hard for me to understand a 1:24... guess it's inbred after awhile. you just get comfortable with a certain scale. i even took the adirondack paddlers map and a long ruler and made my own gridlines on it (which were already marked on the edges).
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